Learn From HomeImportance of ‘Learn From Home’ in times of COVID

November 28, 20200

COVID-19 has been a game-changing event for a lot of industries, companies and domains. Industries like cloud computing, digital finance and e-sports have witnessed exponential growth, thanks to transactions moving digital and consumers spending a higher time on various devices. Companies like Zoom, which have now become a verb for function and convenience, have seen a never-before uptick in revenue. Zoom recorded a second-quarter revenue of $663.5 million dollars, a whopping 355% over the previous year. Domains like food delivery and online learning have people thronging them for better time utilisation and continuing career development.

Learn from Home is a concept which has seen a favourable response and a comfortable embracement by industry leaders, experienced professionals and recent graduates, equally. Learn From Home or LFH, as it is commonly referred to, removes the obstacles of in-person time and monetary learning investment. It enables anyone to pursue learning at their own pace, from wherever they may be.

Learn from Home has four important features, as below:

Global Learning

Institutions have come closer and faculties are now more reachable. At JAGSOM, for example, we’ve partnered with global institutions like Darden School of Business, University of Virginia and ESCP Business School, for pedagogy development and faculty interactions. Hence, our online PGDM students get to learn and interact with leading global academicians. With global travel at a halt because of COVID, learn from home ensures you’re never too far from your mentors.

Anytime Learning

COVID has pushed the envelope of Work From Home. Companies are now enabling their employees to work remotely and yet, be involved. Many people who learn from home and pursue online degrees are working professionals. The primary reason being better time management, given hectic work schedules and self-paced learning. This ensures that they can still pursue learning and university education without compromising on their job opportunities. In fact, we’ve seen experienced professionals, right from one year of work experience to upwards of ten years, pursue online PGDM with JAGSOM.

Anywhere, Everywhere

In Jaipur and want to study with JAGSOM, with campuses in Mumbai and Bengaluru? Well, we’ve heard from you. With the COVID pandemic raging globally, you need not move cities to gain the PGDM edge. With Learn From Home, you can be where you are safe and comfortable and keep pursuing the degree without losing out on precious time.

Digital First

Digital is no more just a buzzword. It is alive and breathing everywhere around us and learning is the new playground for digital initiatives. Right from interviews to books, exams to convocations, digital is the new way of doing. COVID has been a boon for digital learning as well, with a bigger audience and a deeper reach. At JAGSOM, we have been digital-first for many years and the results are industry benchmarks and well-appreciated. Our online PGDM program has all the digital flavours to it, so you need not worry about resources and infrastructure in today’s challenging times.

Learn From Home by JAGSOM is not just online learning. We’ve reimagined live-learning and reengineered the course delivery with an award-winning program, global faculty, super-specialisations and 500+ hours of an unmatched learning experience.

With Learn From Home being the future of learning, JAGSOM offers an AICTE recognised and AACSB accredited online PGDM program, which has been rated among the global top 100 programs by QS Masters. Digital Marketing, Communication Design Management, Sales & Service, Digital Business Analytics, Capital Markets and Banking are the super-specialisations that Jagdish Sheth School of Management brings you in its online PGDM program.

Launch your career full-steam in a focused domain. Get in touch and our counsellors will assist you.


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